Since taking office, Trump's pugnacious persona has at times appeared stifled by the formal surroundings of the White House. He hasn't always appeared completely relaxed, for instance, in his joint news conferences with foreign leaders. Another senior Trump aide, Kellyanne Conway, declared Trump was back in his "natural habitat.

The incident dismayed the vice president while also raising questions about his stature within the administration.

But the sense of limbo is causing concern among lawmakers and foreign policy experts who understand how the National Security Council corrals rival foreign policy power centers in the government and its crucial role at a time of crisis. Every presidency brings change and uncertainty to American foreign policy.

He sought to underscore shared histories and conflicts, and said Trump would maintain deep ties to Europe while also significantly increasing military spending in the United States. Pence is on his first trip abroad since taking office.

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Harry Sims / Feb 20

I have had the honor of knowing him for many years, and he is a man of genuine intellect, character, and ability.

Anna Soto / Jan 10

Pence was insistent that support for the alliance was a bedrock of US policy. But he demanded that other member nations scale up their defense spending to meet NATO's requirements.

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